Frozen Logistics

In the life of modern man, especially in large metropolitan areas, significant changes are taking place, career and self-realization come first. This causes the lack of time for adequate nutrition and cooking at home and, as a consequence, a significant increase in demand for frozen products, particularly semi-finished products.

The market of frozen products is divided into three main segments – frozen vegetables, fruits and frozen semi-finished products. The latter, in turn, are divided into meat, fish semi-finished products, etc.

In order to ensure the safety and security of frozen products, high-quality and professional low-temperature logistics -Frozen logistics are required, with strict compliance with the temperature regime not higher than -18С for warehousing and transportation.

A special feature of ice cream and frozen food logistics is the need for strict compliance with the temperature regime throughout the entire logistics chain from the production line to the end user. The permissible storage temperature of ice cream is -18 ° C, even if irreversible changes begin to occur at -15 ° C.

Low temperatures -18 … -25 ° C impose restrictions on the characteristics of equipment, machinery, etc. If WMS is installed in the warehouse, special frost-resistant scanners and terminals are needed. In freezing warehouses, it is necessary to set a wage higher than the average for the market in order to keep staff.

Warehouse processing of products of deep freezing

In the conditions of the observed shortage of specialized low-temperature warehouses and the need to build a multifactor system for monitoring the entire chain of frozen goods logistics, it is advisable to give Frozen-logistics for outsourcing, which will allow us to concentrate resources on key competencies and more clearly build business processes in the company.

The term “outsourcing” can be replaced with “partnership”. In fact, there will be no doubt “but suddenly, they will not be able to cope” if the parties that have formed trust relations and fulfill joint agreements become complementary, complementing each other’s strengths and resources to achieve a common goal.

The logistics operator Business Group provides the entire range of Frozen Logistics services at the European level, providing warehouse processing and storage in compliance with all the specific norms and requirements for working with frozen products, and performing the operative transportation of goods throughout Ukraine using reliable multi-temperature transport.

Clients of the Business Group can count on exact compliance with temperature, hygienic and temporary standards of transportation and warehouse processing in the “Frozen” mode, because the logistics operator as responsibly approaches the professional implementation of outsourcing services and has all the necessary resources and technologies to ensure a guaranteed quality service.

Another key factor is staff qualification. In Business Group Logistics there is a well-coordinated team of professionals who constantly improve their skills and provide a clear and efficient execution of business processes in all segments of Ambient, Fresh and Frozen-logistics.

Why we?

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

The Business Group Company uses a WMS system that provides automation and systematization of warehouse operations.



Presence of modern warehouse capacities, personnel potential and experience in warehouse logistics management allows the company to realize a full range of warehouse services.



More than 20 years’ experience in logistics solutions market.