Logistic solutions for FMCG

Logistic solutions for FMCG

The FMCG market segment represents the direction of sales of fast-paced products,

and demands its own, a special approach in logistics.

FMCG (fast moving consumer good) from English translates as “fast moving consumer goods”.

  • food
  • cigarettes
  • alcohol
  • part of the range of household chemicals
  • cosmetics

In a word, everything that is constantly consumed in modern society.

The basic logistics requirements of the FMCG segment clients:

  • High turnover of products
  • Compliance with terms, as well as quality of delivery
  • Seasonality
  • Peak loads
  • Special temperature regime for storing goods
  • Product Neighborhood
  • Safety and security

Business Group logistics, as a modern and professional 3PL- operator, organizing logistics for FMCG, takes into account the specifics of this market segment. The company efficiently works with large volumes of products, builds flexible logistics solutions that are able to adapt to seasonal and other features of demand. In addition, fast turnover of goods requires a special accuracy of their delivery time.

For companies operating in the FMCG segment, Business Group Logistics provides the following services:

  • warehouse processing of goods on the basis of modern warehouse terminals
  • responsible storage of products
  • pre-sale preparation of goods
  • warehouse accounting, which allows you to monitor the shelf life of products in the warehouse
  • delivery of goods in any of the formats – “box”, “pallet”, “document”
  • compliance with the conditions required for the delivery of goods, through special packaging, the choice of transport
  • tracking the status of applications
  • cross-docking and much more

Qualified employees of Business Group Logistics carry out effective pallet, box selection, as well as small-piece bundling of goods.

Pre-sale preparation of products (Additional logistic services) allows customers to exclude unnecessary financial expenses for transportation of goods from the warehouse to the place where pre-sales preparation is carried out, as well as loading and unloading operations.

This type of logistics includes:

  • sorting of goods, its marking
  • preparation of products for advertising
  • packing and drawing up of individual sets, including packing of production of a non-standard format
  • packing with shrink film
  • sticking

FMCG logistics for food products

This group of goods requires a 3PL-logistics operator to strictly record the expiration dates of the products. In addition, when storing certain groups of goods, strict observance of the temperature regime and commodity proximity is necessary.

For shipping channels, various selection principles (FEFO, LIFO) are applied, as well as accounting for each batch of products. In the warehousing of food products, the blocking of goods with expiration dates is of particular importance. Also, each order must be accompanied by appropriate certificates and quality certificates.

Most enterprises that work with FMCG goods require a full range of pre-sale services, which includes:

  • formation of sub-units
  • packing and repackaging of goods
  • labeling

The bundling of goods in metro units is used mainly for various marketing events, promotions. With a large volume of its own, the task will be much more difficult to handle, and Business Group Logistics in such cases provides customers with more than just a service, and offers a convenient tool for increasing sales.

Having entrusted the organization of FMCG logistics to the competent 3PL-operator, the companies of this segment get the opportunity to:

  • reduction of losses, which are related to the lack of products on the shelf
  • reduction of the cost of goods by 3-8% due to the refusal of the delivery of goods by the supplier
  • improving the quality of finished products
  • increase revenue by reducing inventory in warehouses to 5%

Why we?

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

The Business Group Company uses a WMS system that provides automation and systematization of warehouse operations.



Presence of modern warehouse capacities, personnel potential and experience in warehouse logistics management allows the company to realize a full range of warehouse services.



More than 20 years’ experience in logistics solutions market.